Do You Want To Treat Me?

How much do you LOVE ME?

To show your love, it would be great if you could treat me.

Ways You Can Treat Me


The quickest way to treat me is to click on my DONATE CREDITS button,

and send me your credits as a gift.

Don't forget to leave your name and email address, when donating your credits,

so that I can thank you!

Also in the message box, send me a nice message saying that this is a gift.

Why not sent me a gift from my amazon wishlist.

Click on my Amazon button, where you will be redirected to my wishlist page,

and choose any of the products that you will see.

I love to recieve Amazon gifts, they are greatly appreciated.

As a thank you, if you treat me by sending me credits, then I will send you a video clip,

and if you send me a gift from my Amazon wishlist, then you will recieve a little photo set.